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Cyber Security Lunch Briefing

  • Flexispace, by Charter Hall and InterOffice Level 16, No. 1 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000 Australia (map)

Digital technology is taking over. Disruptive technologies are changing the market and are affecting each and every one of us. We live in a world where algorithms and virtual intelligence dominate and slowly replace traditional means of work.   This has a much deeper impact than just the affecting digital world. It is in fact slowly shifting powers that were limited to the State towards commercialised private companies often reaching the public more effectively with a lower cost. While this is a natural progress and an ongoing evolution, it also opens the door for serious challenges of cyber crimes and cyber security. Australia is certainly taking the lead in the search for new technologies. In some of the Australian Airports, for example, there will be no need to use of Passports. Nevertheless, this may bring about questions and challenges ranging from securing borders to privacy. Questions like access control to databases, fail-safe procedures, or how does that affect ones' identity? Are we moving towards losing the traditional way we understand identity? What are the risks and the advantages of relying on digital technologies to authenticate identity? What is the new Identity  Ecosystem?      

 Light lunch and soft drinks will be provided.

About our guest speaker

Marc Itzchaki, Founder & Principal, MIBD Strategy

Marc Itzchaki, Founder & Principal, MIBD Strategy

Marc Itzchaki is the Founder and Principal of MIBD Strategy. Following a long-standing career with the Israeli Diplomatic Service, Marc established this Australian based consultancy firm that provides strategic advice to companies in their international business development. During his career, he specialised on international security policy and strategic affairs including Cyber Security policy development. As a key negotiator, he led negotiation teams in key international norms building processes relted to international security  and arms control.  His last posting was the Deputy Ambassador of Israel in Canberra.  Marc is currently advising OVD Kinegram on identity security issues in Australia. 

Based out of Zug KINEGRAM is the world's leading security solution for the protection of government documents and banknotes. Today, 110 countries trust the KINEGRAM. It is already applied in the newly issue Australian banknotes.

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