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Event Calender SwissCham 2019 (and more to come.....)

25 March . Perth . PwC and University of WA (sold out)

3 April Sydney . Euromix Lunch still tickets available see event details below

11 April . Sydney . AGM 2019 at Hall and Willcox, L9, 60 Castlereagh Street

tbc . Melbourne AICD, AHK, Advantage Austria and SwissCham (new date in Q3 2019)

whole day seminar for Board Directors (Seats available)

7 May . Sydney . BRL with RSM invite will be sent out before 31 March

15 May Melbourne .BRL with SGS (confirmed)

16 May Board Meeting SwissCham Melbourne Swiss Hon Consulate

23 May Blockchain Event Location tbc

6 June Melbourne BRL with For you and your Customer (tbc)

19 June Sydney BRL with For you and your Customer (tbc)

15 July Sydney Wine and Cheese Tasting at Bei Amici Double Bay

23 July . Sydney, Directors Workshop David Schwarz

13 August . Sydney, Estate Planning (evening)

20 August Melbourne Ladies only Lunch (tbc)

11 Septe . Melbourne, Directors Workshop

21 Oct Melbourne . Golf Day at RMGC (confirmed)

22 Oct Memberevent at the Melbourne Synchatron

14 Nov Sydney Euro Cruise (confirmed)

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