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Event Calender SwissCham 2019 (and more to come.....)

tbc Melbourne AICD, AHK, Advantage Austria and SwissCham (new date in Q3 2019) whole, day seminar for Board Directors (Seats available) new date tbc soon

14 Nov Sydney, Euro Cruise (click here to register)

1 Nov Adelaide, Business Lunch with George Brown, International College of Hotel Mgt

(click here to register)

22 Oct Member event at the Melbourne Synchrotron (click here to register)

21 Oct Lindt Swiss Ambassador Golf Day, Royal Melbourne Golf Course (click here to register)

17 Oct. Perth, Event (click here to register)

17 Sept Melbourne, Wine Tasting at V Zug (Closed)

12 Sept Adelaide, Talk and Drinks with Ed Peter, Duxton Asset Management and Board of Wine

Australia (Closed)

11 Sept Melbourne, Directors Workshop with David Schwarz (closed)

10 Sept Melbourne, Ladies Lunch with Lisa Cutler (closed)

20 August Sydney, Directors Workshop David Schwarz (confirmed) at HWL Ebsworth (Closed)

13 August Sydney, Estate Planning (evening), (closed)

7th Aug Sydney, Euromix #3click here to register Grant Thornton (closed)

15 July Sydney Wine Tasting with Dinner at Bei Amici Double Bay with Malcolm Stopp SOLD out

27 June Perth, Scaling the Alps of TAX and RETIREMENT, Planning in OZ (closed)

18 June Sydney BRL with foryouandyourcustomers register - SOLD out

12 June Melbourne BRL with foryouandyourcustomer register - SOLD out

4 June . Sydney, Euromix # 2 click here to register 60 Castlereagh Street, L13

23 May Blockchain Event Location PWC Sydney - SOLD out

16 May Board Meeting SwissCham Melbourne Swiss Hon Consulate (intern only)

15 May Melbourne .BRL with SGS SOLD out15 May Melbourne .BRL with SGS SOLD out

7 May . Sydney , BRL with RSM - SOLD out

11 April . Sydney, AGM SwissCham - Closed

3 Aril . Sydney, Euromix #1 click her to register (closed)

25 March Perth, University of WA - Office of Research Enterprise and PwC invite you (closed)

27th Feb . Sydney, SwissBusiness Award 2018, Maritime Museum (closed)

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