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The Future of organisations (Melbourne)

  • foryouandyourcustomers Level 17, 31 Queen Street Melbourne, VIC, 3000 Australia (map)

How can a company develop better than expected? What is the impact of corporate civilization and culture? Let’s talk about contemporary organisations and about foryouandyourcustomers as one example.

=> Learn how foryouandyourcustomers is organised. Reflect on contemporary organisations and network with other business leaders.

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about foryouandyourcustomers:

  • Is there a causal connection that the brightest and most committed people want to work for the best employer and that the best results are achieved for their customers?

  • The 14 cells within the foryouandyourcustomers group are among the best employers in Europe and Australia. Without headquarters, each with its own managing directors and employees, they function as independent entities and organise themselves with a high degree of autonomy in such a way that they contribute to other cells and at the same time are able to thrive autonomously. 

  • The values of foryouandyourcustomers are: surprisingly simple, relationship building, pioneering, thought through, and simply integral.

  • foryouandyourcustomers considers paid work time as a part of life time and as a good opportunity for personal development. Employees organise themselves with a high degree of autonomy, meaning that they learn, often teach and make a contribution that benefits the business.

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about Jonathan:

  • Jonathan Moeller, founder of foryouandyourcustomers

  • Since starting his first company at the age of 16, Jonathan has been striving to utilise entrepreneurial ways that build great collaboration among people. He founded eight companies, is the author of the book “Multichannel Guidelines”, and developed several tools and methods. Together with his wife and their three children they live in Melbourne, Australia and in Zurich, Switzerland.

This is a joint Event with SwissCham

This is a joint Event with SwissCham

This is a joint Event with Advantage Austria

This is a joint Event with Advantage Austria