Press Release: Success for Abrantix/ABB YuMi makes 24-hour testing a reality for the ATM Industry


Designed to work in harmony with humans, the YuMi robot makes ATM’s more reliable and secure

It takes around thirty seconds for a person to withdraw money from an ATM. These cash-dispensing/receiving devices are found “around the corner” in every city of the world and have made banking simple, intuitive and safe. Every ATM receives new software version /patches at least every six months, but before any new ATM software is released it needs to undergo thorough testing to ensure that it complies with strict global and local specifications for reliability, usability and security.

Payments software provider Abrantix AG commissioned an ABB YuMi robot to automate the testing of Diebold Nixdorf’s ATMs. The Abrantix Test Environment software instructs the intuitive YuMi robot to test out common ATM operations such as inserting cards, punching in PIN codes and withdrawing/inserting money, just like a human. The testing is so exhaustive that the YuMi deliberately makes mistakes like inserting money bound with a paperclip to check the software’s response!

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