Vacancy in the Board of SwissCham - up to two positions available

As it happens Board Compositions changes over time as part of the natural development and as part of its own renewal process. SwissCham is very sad to inform the members of our Chamber, that Jodi Ross, former MD of DKSH, has tendered her resignation as a member of the SwissCham Board as of 24 August 2017. Her resignation is in sync with her change of Career which was happening at the same time. The Chair and the Board of SwissCham would like to thank Jodi Ross for her contributions and support during her tenure in the Board but also as the MD of DKSH a long standing member of SwissCham. We Jodi in her new position all the best and the outmost success. 

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Interested to join a high quality board? Please contact our Chairman Peter Pluess or the CEO Martin G Scarpino for a first confidential discussion. Contact details can be found on this website.

Meet our New Board Member - Andre Jaeggi

Andre Jaeggi, Entrepreneure, Business Owner, and former Member of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Born in Basle in the very late 50's, I completed my education in Basle, before joining the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1981. Until the end of 2009 I was posted to Montreal, Ankara, Brasilia, Athens, Houston, Berlin, Casablanca, Bern, Melbourne and Accra before settling permanently in Australia. First stop was Brisbane with Trade and Investment Queensland working at the European and sub Sahara Africa desk. A new challenge in the mining sector as Superintendent in remote Queensland was presented and I was able to acquire complete and different new skills for 2 years. In 2014 it was time to focus and spend more time with the family (two boys 10 and 8 years young today). With my Swiss Australian spouse, an Artist and Teacher, we returned to Melbourne in 2014 where i joined a Car Broker Business. The Business model inspired me to pursue the option buying the business. In March 2016, a friend of mine and I  founded Australian Motor Vehicle Services and are gently expanding our personalized car buying service into all states and territories. 

During my first stay in Melbourne 2002-2006 with the Consulate General of Switzerland (way before Facebook and iPhones) I was involved with the Victorian Chapter of SACCI,  as SwissCham was called at the time. In 2003, Christian Stocker from the Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne and I founded the Swiss Academic Network Melbourne which is today known as SAAN.
I joined the Board of SwissCham because I strongly believe, Switzerland does have a excellent reputation. Terms which stick out are reliable, creative and innovative.  The "Swiss Bonus" is clearly felt in Australia and an opportunity to convert into business opportunities other countries can only dream of.  I am keen to contribute in building networks and personalize contacts between my home country and my new home country, which has offered my opportunities others can only dream of.
Presently I am working in Hobart exploring options to expand AMVS and SwissCham into Tasmania.


Being a Member of SwissCham just got a little better

AMVS Is your buying advocate. AMVS will get you the best price on any new car, delivered to your door, and it’s all free. AMVS will save you time and money. 

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We are pleased to announce that SwissCham has partnered with Australian Motor Vehicle Services (AMVS) as a member benefit service provider.

AMVS are vehicle buying specialists. New cars of all brands is what they do, and they do it well. Why use  AMVS:

  • will beat 98.9% of quotes that you can get from motor dealers, on the exact same car. 
  • source all brands. Unlike dealers, AMVS do not try and railroad you into any particular brand, or model of vehicle.
  • want repeat clients, they always act in your best interest.
  • do not have shinny showrooms that you have to pay for. 
  • has an extensive dealer network (4000+) gives them access to all brands of vehicles.
  • take care of your trade-in in a separate deal. AMVS won’t use your trade-in to inflate the saving on the new vehicle.
  • AMVS find cars Australia wide. This network saves you thousands.

Experience of a happy SwissCham Member: Kuehne Nagel in Sydney has used the service and was extremely happy. AMVS beat the price and delivered the new Van earlier than scheduled.

Call them on AMVS on  1300 667 559 or visit the Website 


Thinking Glencore, thinking BIG. But at Glencore not everything is about the big numbers....

15'600 Jobs / 8 Mio AUD Community Investments  / 895 Mio AUD Capital Investment

1.3 Billon AUD in Taxes / 1.7 Billion AUD in Wages / 8.2 Billion AUD in Goods to Suppliers

But Glencore to Australia is more than just BIG Numbers, click on the link below and take a good look at Page 24 and 25