Are you a Swiss still paying into the Swiss Pension fund AHV?

You may like what you read, its maybe not the perfect solution, as you still can't deduct your contribution from your income, but its a first step into the right direction. Please read on.....


Claiming a tax deduction from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on a pension paid by the Swiss Social Insurance

Are you receiving an income from the Swiss Social Insurance (AHV/AVS or IV/AI)?
You may be entitled to claim a tax deduction in Australia for personal contributions paid into the insurance. You can request a statement from the Swiss Compensation Office in Geneva (Switzerland), certifying the total amount of your personal contribution. This will allow the ATO to determine your eligibility.

The necessary application forms and more information are on the website of the Consulate General

Please note, as this concerns individual tax matters, neither the CSA Oceania nor the Consulate can provide you with any specific information or answer your personal questions. You should consult your tax agent or financial advisor.