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Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants (BHFA) was founded in 2003 by David Hulme and Brigitte Banziger. Today, the company is one of the most respected art consultancies in Australia.

BHFA value Australian and international artworks on a daily basis both for market and insurance values, for private, corporate and public collections. They are equally used to assessing the best-known names in art as well as researching and valuing the works of lesser-known artists. In many instances, both insurance and market values are required, as the appraisals were needed for a variety of reasons, e.g. insurance purposes, deceased estates, family division, superannuation or disposal of works. BHFA have valued notable public collections such as the National Art School in Sydney, the Manly Art Gallery, Dubbo Regional Art Gallery or Geraldton Regional Gallery and artworks held in companies such as the Hilton Hotel in Sydney (Julian Rossi Ashton paintings in the Marble Bar and the Bronwyn Oliver sculpture in the foyer).

BHFA are not art dealers nor do they run an art gallery, but act solely as valuers, consultants and agents for their clients in the case of the valuation, sales or purchase of art, therefore providing arm’s length unbiased advice. BHFA attend all major art auctions in Sydney and Melbourne on a regular basis. This direct exposure provides them with first-hand experience of the development of market values of Australian art in all its diversity.

BHFA are a member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia, with David Hulme serving as President of the ACAA and Brigitte Banziger as an executive committee member. The company is also an Approved Service Provider with the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association.

 Art commentators and writers

David Hulme and Brigitte Banziger are writers and contributors to the Australian Art Sales Digest. David Hulme is a regular art market critic and commentator on the Australian art market has been quoted many times in The Australian Financial Review, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald,

The Sun Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Melbourne Age, The Brisbane Times, The Canberra Times, The UK Telegraph, The London Times, The Art Newspaper, The Australian Art Review, ABC Radio National, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes Magazine, Artmarket Monitor, Artnetnews, Artlyst,, Australian Art Collector Magazine, ABC’s Books & Arts Daily with Michael Cathcart, ABC’s “The Business” with Ticky Fullerton, ABC’s News PM program with Mark Colvin, Triple M Radio with Joe Hildebrand and Matt Tilley, 5AA with Jeremy Cordeaux, 2GB with Ben Fordham, Perth’s Mix 94.5 with Lisa & Tim. 


Brigitte Banziger    David Hulme

Brigitte Banziger    David Hulme

Clients’ Feedback on Banziger Hulme

 James and Lorelei Basman, Sydney, September 2017:

"Dear David and Brigitte, we would like to thank you for the appraisal work you recently did for us. It was invaluable in better understanding the true worth of some of the artworks we acquired. We really appreciate the insights you provided and your prompt and friendly service, and we look forward to dealing with you again in the future.  Best regards, James and Lorelei Basman."

 J.T., South Australia, August 2017:  

"Dear David and Brigitte, the evaluation arrived in the post today, and we wanted to thank you most sincerely for all of your assistance. We have now insured them which is a great relief. Mum was both surprised and thrilled to know the paintings were of value, and also asked me to thank you both. It was a delight to read the profiles of the artists and to also see what other similar paintings sold for. We are so pleased we chose your firm to do the valuations for us and once again thank you. Kindest regards"

 L.T., New South Wales, April 2017: "Hi David, thank you very much for a very comprehensive report. That's all clear to me. Your help and guidance in relation to the artworks of my parents has been much appreciated. I will let you know if we need anymore assistance. Wishing you and Brigitte all the best."

 C.C., New South Wales, April 2017: "Dear Brigitte and David, thank you very much for your efficient expert help. I really enjoyed reading such a comprehensive and useful report."

J.F., New South Wales, February 2017: "Dear David and Brigitte, thank you so much for the parcel which arrived today. I am so grateful for the time and effort that you both put into the valuation of my art. Many of these works have been in my family for generations and it wonderful to now have such detailed documentation about them, for my children. Thank you again” 

B.P., New South Wales, January 2017: "Thank you Brigitte and David. Very clear and professional. Till next time"

Michael Lynch, interim director of the National Art School, Sydney, Nov. 2016:

 On behalf of the National Art School, I’d like to thank you for your professional, informed and candid assessment of the market value of the National Art School Collection. We are extremely appreciative of the time and care you put into your extensive report on our collection which comprises almost 4,000 items. Your report, accompanying photographs and documentation will be an invaluable asset to us, and will also allow us to transfer this information to our database for future research. It has been a pleasure to work with both of you, and we look forward to our ongoing association.”

G.D., New South Wales, July 2016: "Dear Brigitte and David, thank you so much for your valuation! I am so grateful to you for the time and care you put into putting it together for me and for your invaluable skill."

P.S., New South Wales, June 2016: “We would like to thank you for your market value on our watercolour. We appreciate the time and effort that you have put into your research and report.  We will certainly recommend you to our friends and acquaintances.”

J.L, Victoria, May 2016: “Thank you so very much for the valuations and the comments by David.

I am amazed at the detail that has gone into it and would be only too happy to recommend you to anyone wanting a similar valuation done in the future. Please convey to David my grateful thanks and appreciation.”

A.B., Victoria, May 2016: "Your written valuation was done in a very timely fashion and was excellent value. The follow up phone call was also appreciated and provided even more useful information. I thoroughly recommend your services to others.”

M.P., Queensland, February 2016: “I am both very grateful and impressed with the assistance you provided and will have no hesitation in referring people to Banziger Hulme.”

J.M., Queensland, February 2016: “Thank you so much. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you both. I will share the wonderful explanatory letter with my family who I’m sure will enjoy learning more about our paintings.”D.G., New South Wales, February 2016: “Thank you for the appraisal and valuation, very comprehensive and informative."

V.D., New South Wales, February 2016: "Thank you so much for your comprehensive and quick reply. I will definitely be recommending your very pleasant and easy to deal with service to our accountant for any of his future clients

K.M., South Australia, November 2015: "Dear Brigitte and David, We were so pleased to see your findings regarding our two lovely watercolours. They've always been special to our family, but to find they have a place in the history of Australian painting gives them an even greater lustre. Thank you so much for your efforts - your thoroughness and enthusiasm went far beyond our expectations when we initially decided to have the works professionally valued."

R.L., Sydney, November 2015:  “Thank you David I have just returned from London today and only reviewed the report now. Firstly thank you as this was exactly what I was looking for and your report is extensive and gives me a realistic understanding of what the options are and what the market can handle. … Once again thank you to you and Brigitte for this excellent work and report.”

R.M., July 2015: "Dear Brigitte and David, thank you for the lovely package that arrived this afternoon.  I had no idea where to look, so I found you on Google, and have been delighted with our dealings – very professional, yet warm and friendly – I could not ask for more, and would not hesitate recommending your firm to anyone who might ask.”

D.J., Melbourne, April 2015: “Brigitte and David, Thank you both for the work you've done on this valuation. David, I am extremely happy with the depth of your work and I'm so glad I chose you to research my painting. You clearly have a great passion for art and I appreciate the level of interest and the enthusiasm you have shown for my painting. Thanks for the insight.”

G.J., March 2015: "Thank you very much for all your help. The reports were wonderful reading and we appreciate all that you and David have done for us."

P.T., Feb. 2015:  "Dear Brigitte and David, once again, I wish to thank both you and David for your very professional, informative and prompt service. It is very much appreciated. Very best wishes."

N.E., Dec. 2014: “Thanks so much Brigitte for organising the transport to ensure arrival in Brisbane in time for us to pick it up. We are very pleased with how it has all gone and will have no hesitation in recommending your services to our friends.”

K.G., July 2014: "Good morning Brigitte. Thank you so much for your prompt and professional service. It was a pleasure dealing with both yourself and David, and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a valuation or advice."

E.M., July 2014: "Hi Brigitte and David. Thank you so much for coming back to me with the valuation. It definitely does appear to be the preparatory sketch for Sunday Morning … I’m so grateful for the research you’ve done into its origins. I also appreciate the advice on framing and will most definitely approach the framer you suggested. Thank you again. "

B.F., June 2014: "Thank you for the valuations, and for the speedy turnaround; this is exactly what we were looking for. We are currently reviewing insurance coverage for a couple of our properties, and have been concerned that we had too many lesser value, and lesser known pictures, individually insured, while some of our more significant pieces were undervalued.  This assessment will allow us to direct our insurance dollars more effectively."  

J.P., New South Wales, March 2014: Dear Brigitte and David. Again thank you for all your help with our art pieces. It has been very much appreciated. The funds showed in my account yesterday. Fond regards”

R.O., Queensland, February 2014: “Dear Brigitte, very happy with the result tonight. Thank you and David for the great advice and for stress free selling of our painting here in Australia.”

R.W., New South Wales, January 2014:  “Thank you so much for the detailed evaluation of our Russell Drysdale drawing. The detail and advice contained in your report is very helpful.”

Jane Chapman, Sydney, October 2013:

“I found Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants on the net while looking for someone to value my father’s artwork after he died. I had rung a large city-based firm as well as Banziger Hulme, but was totally turned off by that firm’s patronizing and condescending air. In contrast, Brigitte Banziger and David Hulme offer an informed, accessible and professional service (as well as being delightful people). They will learn your tastes and wants quickly and make fruitful recommendations when needed. Being a home-based service, their prices are eminently reasonable and they will go the extra mile for their clients when appropriate. Their industry contacts are extensive and I have found their advice extremely sound. Where necessary, they will guide me away from what they advise to be a poor choice.

But, beware! your love of art will be fostered, your desire for greater involvement will grow and your journey from wistful onlooker to delighted aficionado-in-training may well begin. If however, you are already knowledgeable, you will be offered a partnership-in-expertise. Should your wants be simple, you will get fast, friendly and expert service.”

Craig Marran, Singapore, September 2013:

“Being a novice art collector I benefit greatly from the experience of David and Brigitte across the whole spectrum of buying, from their initial views on paintings and artists, the appraisals of the paintings themselves (particularly as I live overseas, so I'm unable to view them physically) to the bidding at auction and collection of the pieces. It's an invaluable service for me.

You helped steer me in the right direction. I might like a painting, which is where it starts for me and most people, but there may be good reasons to steer clear of it due to the condition of the painting, the period in which it was painted was not the artist's greatest, it's too expensive based on recent sales, etc.Helping to secure prices I like with unbiased, independent advice is very valuable and has become more enjoyable.”

Brett and Sue, Sydney, September 2013:

“We have come a long way in our art education thanks to David and Brigitte, having first met them to authenticate and value paintings. Their professional approach and knowledge of the art market has been instrumental in providing us with the skills and confidence to build a significant art collection.We have used many of the services offered by Banziger Hulme Fine Art Experts, including valuations, pre-purchase reports, auction bidding as well as arranging the re-framing of several artworks.  David has also “curated” our collection, just as he has curated many public  exhibitions. David has a great ‘eye’ for this and the difference it made was nothing short of amazing.

 When buying art it is sometimes difficult to decipher between factual information and “sales pitch”.  This is where the expert advice offered by Banziger Hulme is invaluable because it is always honest, trustworthy and impartial. If you are considering embarking on the exciting journey of art collecting, then we highly recommend you take David and Brigitte along with you, as they make great travel guides!”

D.H., July 2013: “Hi David, thank you for the report. Enjoyable reading. Appreciate your insights and knowledge.”

M.H. December 2012: "Just a quick email to say thank you for your very professional valuation of our artwork. It was a pleasure dealing with you and David."

K.P., November 2012: “Thank you for forwarding through the valuations - we really appreciate your time and effort on this, including the bios on the artists.”

 S.G., November 2012: Thank you very much for all that, very impressive indeed. We’ll talk to you about doing the same thing with the other sketch if that’s OK, the little portrait, and I’ll certainly give David a call, thanks again.”

R.N. October 2012: “Thanks David and Brigitte. A very informative appraisal and much appreciated.”

B.G., September 2012: “We have now had an opportunity to study your valuation. We would like to thank you and David for a comprehensive and informative valuation, which we certainly appreciate. The information on the artists is most interesting. Many thanks.”

J.D. September 2012: "Your valuation hard copy has been received, thank you. I must compliment you and David on providing a very professional analysis and document."

H.F. May 2012: "Thank you so much for everything. You have been highly professional, generous with your time and advice and a pleasure to deal with."

R. & K.W., March 2012: "Thank you very much for valuing the artworks in our collection. We appreciated your very professional approach and the very clean documentation of the artworks. Thank you again for all your help and information, I really enjoyed reading the biographies - it has made the artworks more alive."

Jessica Moore, Collections Officer, Dubbo Regional Art Gallery, August 2008:

“The valuation package has arrived and everything looks wonderful. I wanted to extend my thanks to you for the efficient and thorough way that you carried out the valuation and the clear and professional nature of the documentation you have presented me with. I will be sure to recommend your services in the future and look forward to working with you again. I have been exceptionally pleased with the service provided by Banziger Hulme Fine Art Consultants.”