Dr. Michael Christen is on the move with Vivid Vision

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We now operate Vivid Vision, the most sophisticated virtual reality vision improvement system with respect to the treatment of lazy eye (amblyopia) turned eye (strabismus), all sorts of binocular vision disturbances and last but not least high performance visual fitness for sports vision and gaming. 

Programs can be set up month by month with oculus go or Pico headsets or 6 to 12 monthly requirements. The work essentially is a form of neuroplastic reprogramming of the visual system for better life dynamics. Combine this Microprism Optics, we have MOVR - Microprism Optics Virtual Reality. It will be formidable. 

We like to introduce this technology to the members of SwissCham, done in a manner to demonstrate the efficacy of immediate better vision body coherence that is superlative in nature to what is presently available.

Microprism Optics has previously presented on various occasions at national and international symposiums. Its specialty is the integration of vision and body, namely Visuo-Somatic Realignment VSR

Papers have been presented at ICBO International Congress of Behavioural Optometry in California 2010 which then led onto my PhD

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Dr. Michael George Christian - Bio Functional Optometrist

BSc(Hons), BSc(Optometry), SC-ClnLead, PhD, IMD, DHS


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