Meet our new Member of the Board - Bernhard Hurzeler

Bernhard Hurzeler, IT Specialist, Entrepreneur, Director and Board Member  

I am delighted to have been chosen as a board member of SwissCham. I am enthusiastic about the value proposition of SwissCham and I am keen to bring my extensive personal and business network to the board with the aim to grow the membership of SwissCham further.

I believe SwissCham makes a great contribution to the standing of the Swiss Business Community in Australia. it fosters the international business and government relations continuously, and I am keen to help this cause and to actively contribute as a member of the board. In addition to my skills as  board member, I have in-depth knowledge of the SwissCham as I have been a board member for close to three years (Apr 2005 – May 2008). Since then I have built and run a successful IT professional service company (ICM Consulting) where I have been responsible for all strategic decisions as chairman of the company and am experiences in all sales, accounting, legal, governance, quality management, regulatory and policy aspects. My specialist knowledge in enterprise IT can contribute to SwissCham’s strategic digital direction.

Being Swiss and running a successful business in Australia gives me an excellent understanding of the needs of the SwissCham members. My goal is to help the SwissCham to grow and become the most respected and useful business chamber in NSW and Australia.

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