Once more a "Gruezi" from the Desk of SwissCham


Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham Australia

The Chamber has undergone some changes and continue our transition to an even more compliant and attractive partner for our members, business partners, friends and supporters. The ever growing need to keep up with the latest requirements to corporation from small to large has also been a topic to the chamber its. We are focusing on it, to ensure full compliance.

You may have noticed also, that we have moved the Swiss Business Award Ceremony into earl of next year. 21st of February to be exactly. This was done to help, an already crowded calendar in the 4th quarter of the calendar year, to ensure all business can focus on a strong finish of the calendar year and to enjoy the YE celebrations even more.  

The Chamber was able to welcome quite a few new Corporate and SME members in our Organisation. And as you are all aware, we had some changes in our board with the newly elected Bernhard Hurzeler, Andre Jaeggi and Vicki Mullen. We expanded our Board Room lunches into Perth and we will have our first event in Adelaide in 2018. 

Many great events are in the pipeline for 2018. Your participation and support will ensure, that we will continue to strengthen our offerings continuously in the future.

Apart from the Swiss Award, we will also have some key events, including a mine visit in the Hunter Valley in March. (final date tbc). We keep you posted.

So that leaves me to pass from the Board and myself our best wishes for a successful and joyful 2018 and we look forward to meet and greet you all during our events or personal visits.

Yours sincerely

Martin G Scarpino, CEO