Success of Newcastle based Member and Swiss Company Abrantix in INDIA

First Abrantix EMV Kernel Approval in India

Major Milestone in APAC (19 May 2017)

We are delighted to announce the first Abrantix Level 2 EMV Kernelapproval in India.This approval is our first in the Asia Pacific Region and the first ATM use case. It highlights the versatility of our kernel for its use in different markets and applications. This is a major milestone in the Abrantix expansion in APAC, because it marks our presence in the Indian market.

The EMV Kernel has been integrated with one of the latest Vortex ATM models. Vortex is an innovative and leading provider of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and associated services for banks. For this project we provided our EMV Kernel and integration support which resulted in a faster time to market for Vortex. As a result, Vortex was able to focus on their core business, the ATM application. We thank Vortex for their trust, efforts, and for the good partnership.

EMV Services

Abrantix provides a wide range of services around our EMV Kernel:

  • EMV consulting
  • Entry level package of 1000 kernel licenses, facilitating integration of the kernel at low cost
  • Kernel integration with your terminal
  • Pre-certification testing of your terminal in our test lab
  • Certification of your terminal at an accredited facility

Further information on the Abrantix EMV Kernel and our services can be found here. Please contact us or leave a comment here if you are interested.To find out more about Vortex, please visit Vortex.    Copyright © 2017 Abrantix Pty Ltd, All rights reserved.

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