Swiss AFL team @ 2017 Harmony Cup

1. Background
The Harmony Cup is an annual friendly Aussie Rules tournament organized by AFL International. Its purpose is to showcase the power of Aussie Rules football in bringing together Australia’s diverse communities.
The Swiss community has been invited to field a team following the late withdrawal of another team, and we decided to accept the challenge. We rapidly gathered sufficient player numbers from around Australia to be formally registered as a participating team.
This will be the first-ever Swiss national Aussie Rules Team!
The purpose of this document is to invite sponsorships from Swiss-connected businesses who may wish to be associated with this momentous event and support our players.
2. Date
The 2017 Harmony Cup will be held in Melbourne on Sunday 2 April.
3. Playing Venue
The playing venue is Royal Park North, Park Street, Parkville, located near the Melbourne Zoo. Matches will be played on 3 fields – Ransford, McAlister & Western Ovals.

4. Format
The format is 18-per-side, with each team permitted a maximum playing squad of 25. Teams will play in a round robin series of matches, with the two top teams progressing through to the Grand Final. The winners will be presented with the Harmony Cup trophy by AFL legend Ron Barassi, whose family originates from Poschiavo, in Italian-speaking Switzerland.
5. Jumper & Short Sponsors
AFL International are encouraging teams to raise funds, as there is room for up to 6 sponsors on our playing uniform in 2017.
There is room for 3 sponsors on the jumper – one on the front and two on the back. There is also room for 3 sponsors on the shorts – one on the front and two on the back. So a total of 6 sponsors spots. It is possible for a sponsor to take multiple spots.
Please see the images below regarding placement of sponsor logos.

AFL International suggests the following amounts for sponsorship placements:
Sponsor Logo Position Cost

Jumper – left breast (front) $1,000

Jumper – below playing number 1 (back) $750

Jumper – below playing number 2 (back) $750

Shorts – front $500
Shorts – back 1 $250
Shorts – back 2 $250
The proceeds of sponsorships and donations will be used primarily to cover possible gaps in the team registration fee of $5,000, with any surplus going towards reducing the travelling costs of interstate players or buying team polo shirts.
The deadline for bookings and the provision of artwork is February 10th at the latest.
The short notice is caused by the fact that the Swiss Team was only invited to participate following the late withdrawal of another team.
6. Contact
The contact for the Swiss Team is:
Rémy Favre
Phone: 0412 135 095 or 03 9571 2835
Email :
7. Website
The website for the 2017 Harmony Cup can be found at
A page has been created for each team. It is possible to include the names of sponsors, their logos or any other information on that page. The Team Switzerland page is at the following address: