Switzerland to end decades of emergency stockpiling of 'non-essential' coffee beans

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Swiss fact: Switzerland is one of the world’s top 5 coffee exporters

14/12/2016 BY LE NEWS

According to UN trade statistics, the small Alpine nation exported US$ 2.4 billion1 of coffee in 2013. This figure is far higher than its cheese (US$ 615 million2) or chocolate (US$ 822 million3) exports, two far more famous Swiss exports.Swiss coffee exports ranked 4th behind Brazil ($5.3b), Germany ($3.4b) and Vietnam ($2.9b). Ethiopia, where the coffee plant originated, trailed back in 13th place with $771 million of exports. And Italy, the European nation where even ordinary eateries can produce a near perfect shot, ranked 7th, with exports of $1.4 billion. Switzerland and Germany were the only exporters in the top five that weren’t also among the top five coffee growing nations.