Switzerland Stock exchange prepares digital assets trading Market

The body in charge of running the Stock Exchange in Switzerland have released plans to start a trading platform offering integrated end-to-end trading, settlement and custody services for digital assets such as virtual currencies and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

The controlled exchange will host all fundamental elements to virtual trading all in the same place, so that bonds, equities and other financial assets can be digitised and committed to a particular digital token in order to store their value and allow faster and more efficient transactions between trading partners.

Original source:http://eltoma-global.com/micronews/switzerland-stock-exchange-prepares-digital-assets-trading-market.html Swissinfo, SIX Group

Australia undecided over rewrite of individual Tax residency rules...

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Australia undecided over rewrite of individual tax residency rules

Monday, 9 July, 2018

A Board of Taxation review of Australia's tax residency rules for individuals has concluded that they are out of date, and in need of 'modernisation and simplification'.

The individual residency rules have not been significantly amended since they were enacted in 1930, and there has been a significant increase in residency-related litigation since 2009. The most recent, the Australian Federal Court decision in Harding v Commissioner of Taxation, which has been litigated since 2014, has attracted much public criticism, as it makes it much more difficult for expatriate Australians to be non-residents for tax purposes.

This, and other factors, prompted the Board to look into the matter without waiting to be commissioned by the Australian government.

Work on the report began in May 2016, under the chairmanship of Mark Pizzacalla, aided by advice from officials of the Department of the Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office. It was completed in August last year, and submitted to Kelly Morrison, Australia's Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, though it has only just been published.

Not surprisingly, Pizzacalla's group found that the rules are no longer appropriate to a world that has moved on by nearly 90 years. One problem in particular is an 'integrity risk' that allows high-net-worth individuals to become 'residents of nowhere' when they leave Australia without becoming tax residents of another jurisdiction.

The report recommends replacing the current rules with an 'improved and simplified' residency test based on a two-step model, as follows:

  1. A primary 'bright line test' that automatically determines the residency status of most individuals by day-counting

  2. A secondary test taking into account individual circumstances and incorporating some existing case law, as well as international practices.

Such secondary tests usually introduce a ‘fudge factor’ allowing the tax authorities to deem a person tax-resident if he or she has some kind of personal connection with the jurisdiction. They are unpopular with taxpayers and their advisors, who lobbied the Pizzacalla committee to restrict the test to the day-counting procedure.

The Board of Taxation claims that many stakeholders supported their dual-test approach, but acknowledged that dissenting views exist. It concluded that further consultation will be necessary.

The government has not been in a hurry to act on the report, and its response has only just been published. Revenue Minister Kelly Morrison has ordered the Board to conduct further consultation, with particular focus on the integrity of the residency rules. She explicitly declined to take a position on the report's recommendations, promising only to 'consider the entirety of the Board's work following the further consultation process, in light of broader priorities'.


Husli Real Estate in Adelaide, where you deal directly with the Owner...

Why use Husli Real Estate?

 Deal directly with the owner of the company!

 After 10 years as a senior sales agent for one of the largest  real estate companies in Australia Irusia started her own Realestate Company called Husli Real estate. I wanted the link with Switzerland to emphasise the way I work with clients. The new technologies allow “boutique agencies” to flourish and offer outstanding customer service to clients, without the need to spend our clients hard earned dollars promoting ourselves.

Swiss attention to detail whilst out-sourcing all - admin, office tasks and legal requirements allow us to focus on selling your home. We organise all aspects of getting your home ready for sale.

 -Repairs. -maintenance. -Gardening -Home Staging

My focus at Husli Realestate is to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest time-frame.

-by conducting more private viewings -focused open homes. -chasing up qualified buyers

Passionate about property and finding viable long term solutions where others see only problems, Irusia Armattoe knows that a challenging market demands a tailored and individual approach. Believing that her role is not so much selling houses as helping people to move on with their lives, Irusia’s creativity, compassion and phenomenal work ethic have won her the lasting respect of her clients and peers alike.

A consummate professional renowned for her direct approach, integrity and unwavering honesty, Irusia knows that good communication is essential to lasting success. Originally from Switzerland and fluent in four languages, Irusia’s background as an international wine trader has left her with a global cultural understanding and negotiating skills that are second to none.

 Confident, genuine and results focused, Irusia’s drive and dedication is perhaps best described by the personal motto “I work harder”. Well aware that her client’s money is hard earned and not to be thrown away on unethical self-promotion, Irusia believes that clever, strategic and inventive marketing will often achieve far greater results than expensive ‘one size fits all’ campaigns.

Committed, driven and effortlessly personable, Irusia is proof that a professional, dedicated approach to selling combined with innovative and up to date methods will deliver consistently exceptional results.

What my clients say:

 “You achieved a price of $81,000 more than other agents told us we could expect and you assisted us with the preparations of the home and garden and the open inspections. Nothing was too much trouble for you.”

Peter & Kathy Jarmer,   Stonyfell. “We would have no hesitation in recommending your services. In an industry that fights for credibility, you have proven to us that true professionals exist. Thanks again.”

Jacquie & Kevin Hancock,Magill. “Jim and I wish you to know how much we appreciated all of your help, hard work and understanding when selling our house” sincerely,

Betty Lewis,West Lakes. “It’s hard to believe that, in less than 3 weeks, and with no newspaper ads, you achieved our sale.” 

Andre and Sandra  Mackowiak,  Rostrevor. “You took the stress out of selling our home. From the first appointment you led us gently, keeping us well informed on pricing, presentation and procedure. At all times we felt you were working for our best interests. Thank you.” 

Roy & Evonne Carter, Grange. “The girls were great, nothing was too much trouble and they sold both our houses in record time and for a record price. I’m happy for anyone wanting an agent to ring me about the great job the girls did for us”

Paul & Alison  Whyborn,  Parafield Gardens. Mobile: 043421341

Dear Irusia, Marion and I wanted to write to thank you formally for the way you handled the sale of our Adelaide property. The level of professionalism you showed throughout the sale process was exemplary, particularly because we’re located in Perth and so had to rely quite heavily on you. At all times during the sale, you kept us well informed and we felt thoroughly assured we were being well represented and, most importantly, that you had our financial interests foremost in your mind. You also provided your views about issues such as the proposed sale price honestly and forthrightly, gave us the occasional nudge in the right direction and provided excellent and astute advice in the various negotiations. We were particularly pleased with the balancing acts you performed to nurture and maintain the interest of the various parties interested in buying the property.

Once again, thank you. If you wish, I would also be pleased to provide a verbal testimonial and to that end am happy for you to provide my mobile number to your future clients. 

Best wishes


and more….

‘Brilliant! She knows the property business, she knows about people and she knows how to get a great price. I feel absolutely that Irusia negotiated the sale with integrity and with an eye to the best outcome for everyone. She handled all my calls with courtesy, in fact took care of me every step of the way. All round, a very successful experience. I contracted her service based on a recommendation that was well founded.’ Damien Wade, Highbury

 ‘It’s hard to believe that, in less than 3 weeks, and with no newspaper ads, you achieved our sale.’  Andre and Sandra  Mackowiak,  Rostrevor

 ‘‘We would have no hesitation in recommending your services. In an industry that fights for credibility, you have proven to us that true professionals exist. Thanks again.’ Jacquie & Kevin Hancock,Magill

‘Our recent selling experience through Irusia was a delightful experience. We were so impressed with their professionalism, confidence and enthusiasm throughout the speedy sale of our house. We specially wish to thank Irusia for being such a pleasure to deal with and would be happy to recommend her to any of our friends.’ Adrianna Salegio, Glenside


 Husli Contact Details Irusia Armattoe Principal

3 Oban street  Beulah Park SA 5067

Postal Address: PO Box 133  Magill SA 5072

irusia@husli.com.au. Ph: 0414 640 115. or. 08 8431 4606. www.husli.com.au



Fracht Group continues to grow globally


·         Polytra NV is the latest new member of the Fracht family. The Polytra group’s head office is in Antwerp and it has a strong network of offices in Africa including the Democratic Republic of Kongo, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. Fracht AG Basel acquired the privately owned Polytra from its previous owner Baron Maurice Velge who has a similar philosophy as Fracht’s owner Mr Rudolf Reisdorf. Polytra’s successful operations fit perfectly into the Fracht’s strategy and network.  For further information please contact Managing Director of Fracht Australia – Peter Pluess peterpluess@frachtsyd.com.au

Fracht offers Electronic Blockchain Based Smart Bills of Lading




Fracht has signed a partnership agreement with CargoX and is now one of the first international logistics providers to be able to offer Blockchain Bills of Lading with a multitude of benefits, from speedier and safer document ownership transfer to optimised financial flow. The CargoX Smart Bill of Lading is the first fully digital, paperless and more secure original Bill of Lading solution on earth. For further information please contact Managing Director of Fracht Australia - Peter Pluess peterpluess@frachtsyd.com.au