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In today’s globalised marketplace, companies face numerous challenges in understanding the legal, political, regulatory, and business nuances of establishing a new or subsidiary company or acquiring an existing Australian company.

 At Macpherson Kelley, we help navigate the legal, financial and tax complexities of running a business in Australia, as well as employment, safety and migration issues, managing intellectual property portfolios and advising on directors’ duties.

 We are a full service commercial law firm with offices in Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Dandenong (VIC)and Brisbane (QLD). With access to senior lawyers who have intimate knowledge of business and industry, you are in safe hands.

 We also host exclusive events for foreign owned subsidiary business leaders enabling you to join a network of executives who share the unique issues you face running your business. It’s part of our commitment to supporting your sector.

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For all your catering needs, our member laissez faire....

Laissez-faire is a Sydney based event catering company, that began operations in 1989, with a mission to offer excellent service, high quality food and beverages. 
We have gained an outstanding reputation for organising and catering at all types of events, which has concreted our brand at the top of Sydney's event catering industry.

Stunning food that leaves a lasting impression and venue sourcing services is what Laissez-faire is all about.

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In every 60 seconds:


1 million people login to Facebook

18.1 million texts sent

4.5 million videos watched on YouTube

390,030 apps downloaded

347,222 people scrolling Instagram

87,500 people tweeting

1.4 million tinder swipes

188 million emails sent

1 million views on twitch

41 music streaming subscriptions

180 Amazon Echo smart speakers shipped

4.8 million Gifs served

41.6 Million messages sent on Whatsapp and Messenger

2.1 million snaps on snapchat

$996,956 spent online

694,444 hours watched on Netflix

3.8 million  Google search queries


That's just for starters.

The number of internet users worldwide at the end of 2018  is 4.021 billion, a penetration of 53%, up 7 percent year-on-year. The number of social media users worldwide is 3.196 billion, a penetration of 42%, up 13 percent year-on-year.  The number of mobile phone users in 2018 is 5.135 billion, 68% penetration, up 4 percent year-on-year. Active mobile social users is 2.96 billion, 39% penetration, up 5% year on year. 

Share of web traffic by device highly favors mobile at 52% (+4% year-on-year change), whilst Desktop remains in second place with only 43% of device share to all web pages, down by 3% year-on-year.

Northern, Western and South Europe and North America have the largest internet penetration with between 74%-94% internet users compared to total population. The global increase in social media usage last year was 13%. Saudi Arabia increased 32%, a 17% increase compared to the global average. Other countries with the largest social media usage increase include India, Indonesia and Ghana. U.A.E, South Korea and the UK have the slowest increase with less than 5%. In every country in the world Facebook dominates. The compilation of the most popular social networks worldwide by active users by Statista shows Facebook ruling supreme. Google's YouTube is second with Facebook-owned, WhatsApp and Messenger not far behind. Facebook's Instagram platform has fewer than half of the visits of Facebook.

Following this, we have predominantly APAC favored platforms, with QQ, WeChat and Qzone all with over 600 million active users. We then see Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. In the US, 73% of adults use YouTube, 68% use Facebook, 35% use Instagram, 29% use Pinterest, Snapchat 25% and LinkedIn 25%.  Among teens 85% use YouTube, 72% use Instagram, 69% use Snapchat,51% use Facebook and 32% use Twitter. In the US, when you consider penetration and engagement, Facebook's dominance is truly extraordinary. Not only does it take the top spot, it's other platforms also take 2nd and 3rd respectively. Facebook Messenger has an impressive 47 penetration, and Instagram (also owned by Facebook)  comes 2nd for engagement. In the US, social media has grown massively, but it's growth is now starting to plateau. Interestingly the over 65’s segment are now driving growth, as other age groups have plateaued completely and use is hardly growing it all.

A photon is going through airport security. The TSA agent asks if he has any luggage. The photon says, "No, I'm traveling light."

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Switzerland a real player in Coffee Trade


Switzerland to end decades of emergency stockpiling of 'non-essential' coffee beans

Switzerland plans to abolish the nation's emergency stockpile of coffee, which has been in place for decades, after declaring the beans are not vital for human survival — though opposition to the proposal is brewing.

Key points:

Switzerland has long stockpiled staples like sugar, rice, oil and coffee in case of war, disaster or epidemics

The system of emergency reserves was established between World War I and World War II

Coffee companies and some organisations oppose the move, partly because the reserves buttress the supply chain

Nestle, the maker of instant coffee Nescafe, and other importers, roasters and retailers are required by Swiss law to store bags of raw coffee. The country stockpiles other staples, too, such as sugar, rice, edible oils and animal feed, the Government announced on Wednesday.

This system of emergency reserves was established between World War I and World War II as Switzerland prepared for any potential shortages in case of war, natural disaster or epidemics. According to the plan released for public comment, coffee stockpiling obligations would expire by the end of 2022, with companies free to draw down what they store in their warehouses.

"The Federal Office for National Economic Supply has concluded coffee … is not essential for life," the Government said.

"Coffee has almost no calories and subsequently does not contribute, from the physiological perspective, to safeguarding nutrition."

A final decision on scrapping the coffee stockpiles is expected in November.

SA - Adelaide - PAX immigration Agency

PAX Migration Australia are migration agents providing Australian immigration services. We built this agency for two types of clients - Migrants and Australian businesses. For our migrant clients we provide immigration advice services to effectively migrate to Australia, including visa applications and appeals. For Employers we enable businesses to employ foreign labour through sponsorship or other means.

Migrating to a foreign country can be somewhat challenging, and at times, frustrating. That's why we exist - to help our clients navigate what needs to be done and when - because this is one time in their lives where timing and knowledge can be everything. Our firm leverages over 30 years of experience in migration and Australian commerce. We invest heavily in professional development to ensure our technical skills are at the highest level. We consider ourselves leaders in the immigration profession and are committed to best practice ethics and technical excellence.

Whether through the lived experience of being part of our migrant families, or through our professional relationships with migrants themselves and the businesses that employ them, we understand what migration is all about, from both points of view - both as a migration agent and as a client. Every day we are proud to play such a significant role in realising people's migration ambitions and creating value for our business clients. Our migration agents are highly motivated here at PAX and will go well beyond facilitation of the successful migration process.

Migration policy is all about creating an arrangement that benefits two parties- the migrant and the nation. We are proud to facilitate global trade and free movement because we know immigration enriches all involved. Our clients have come to expect the highest level of professional migration agent service, cutting edge advice and a never say die work ethic that means our migration agents work harder than anyone else to make sure our clients get the results they want. Our values are the foundation of our firm- Excellence, Integrity and Accountability.

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